The Pre-Health Professions External Advisory Board is composed of leaders within the regional and national health care community. The purpose of the External Advisory Board is to foster excellence in the Pre-Health Professions Institute at TCU. Our board members are alumni of the program and parents of current and former students. We are fortunate to have such a talented group assisting us with our program.

TCU Pre-Health Alumni who are interested in connecting with TCU Pre-Health can find us on Horned Frogs Connect

External Advisory Board
As of: February 14, 2024

  • Dr. Philip Bechtel, TCU’67
  • Dr. Ric Bonnell, TCU’96
  • Dr. Celia Moncrief Browning, TCU’06
  • Dr. Adrianne Specker Deem, TCU’94
  • Dr. Andy Dollahite, TCU’78
  • Dr. Melissa Garretson, TCU’89
  • Dr. Robert Gullinese, TCU’97
  • Dr. Phil Hartman, TCU Pre-Health Program Director 1991-2012
  • Dr. Kim Higgins, TCU’03
  • Dr. Margaret Holland, TCU’09
  • Dr. Ryan Huey, TCU’08
  • Dr. Donna Cox Kolar, TCU’80
  • Dr. Loren Lasater, TCU’82
  • Dr. Taylor Louden, TCU’07
  • Dr. John McDonald, TCU’78
  • Dr. Frank “Trey” Moore, TCU’87
  • Dr. Brady “Lee” Mootz, TCU’80
  • Dr. Lisa R. Nash, TCU’87
  • Dr. Victor Olivas, TCU’02
  • Dr. Gracie Westbrook Packwood, TCU’92
  • Dr. Manfred “Manny” Reinecke, TCU Pre-Health Program Director 1972-1991, Board Member Emeritus
  • Dr. Tom Rogers, Jr., TCU’57
  • Dr. Gregory Scheideman, TCU’77
  • Dr. J. Mack Slaughter, Jr., TCU’09
  • Dr. Donny Smith, TCU’64
  • Dr. Marian “Dani” Steininger, TCU’07
  • Dr. Britni Williams, TCU’12
  • Dr. Mark Wylie, TCU’94