Pre-Health at TCU is a career track, not a major. Most Pre-Health students choose to major in the sciences – choosing majors with degree requirements that overlap with professional school pre-requisites. The most common Pre-Health majors include Biology, Neuroscience, Chemistry and Biochemistry, however a wide variety of non-science majors are appropriate for students interested in the health professions. Click here for a general overview of the Pre-Health curriculum. See the links at the bottom of this page for more information about some of our most popular majors and make an appointment with a Pre-Health advisor to discuss your specific situation.

Should I choose a BS or BA degree?

Many Pre-Health students choose the Bachelor of Science (BS) over the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree because of the overlap between degree requirements and professional school pre-requisites. However, most professional schools do not prefer one degree over the other. The BA is typically the best choice for transfer students, students that join the Pre-Health program late in their college career and students that plan to double major (see section below).

Can I major outside the sciences? Is it possible for Pre-Health students to double major?

Most professional schools do not require students to major in a specific discipline. Thus, Pre-Health students are free to major in any subject as long as they complete the pre-requisite coursework of their desired professional program. However, students must demonstrate that they are prepared for and capable of succeeding in rigorous science classes before they will be accepted to professional school. Professional schools will assess students’ cumulative and science GPA as well as scrutinize the rigor of their undergraduate coursework. Students who take the minimum science coursework will be at a disadvantage unless they demonstrate significant science aptitude through their science GPA and/or their performance on the professional school entrance exam.

That being said, we encourage all students to explore courses outside of the sciences. Beyond helping students become more well-rounded individuals, significant coursework and experiences in non-science disciplines could help students distinguish themselves during the professional school application and interview process. Students that are interested in subject areas outside of the sciences are encouraged to consider a double major – majoring in a non-science area of interest and one of the science disciplines mentioned above – or majoring in a science discipline and minoring in a non-science area of interest.

Click on the links below for more information about the most common degrees chosen by Pre-Health students