Pre-Health student volunteers are an indispensable support to staff, faculty, and their fellow students, serving as Pre-Health Leadership Council (PLC) members, Peer Mentors, DEI Student Advocates, and Student Ambassadors.

Pre-Health Leadership Council
The Pre-Health Leadership Council (PLC) is the heart of our student volunteers. PLC members not only support staff and faculty, but also work independently to enrich the Pre-Health student experience. Team members gain valuable leadership experience in the following roles: Ambassador Coordinators, DEI Advocates, Student Organization President Liaison, Special Events Coordinators, Social Media Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinators, Clinical Observations Coordinators, and Peer Mentor Leads.

Peer Mentors
Our dedicated team of volunteer Peer Mentors use their experience as students on the Pre-Health track to encourage and support first-year, transfer, and underrepresented students in their transition to the TCU community. Through regularly scheduled drop-in hours and assistance with the Pre-Health Professions Institute events, Peer Mentors connect students with practical University resources, foster academic independence, and assist with the transition to college life through positive mentor-mentee relationships.

Pre-Health student Ambassadors are the face of our program, representing the Pre-Health student experience at TCU. Ambassadors from diverse paths available in the Pre-Health track meet with prospective students and families during campus visits and admissions events.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Student Advocates
The Pre-Health Professions Institute is committed to fostering an inclusive community where all students feel welcome and have the resources they need to succeed and meet their goal of attending professional school. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Student Advocates contribute to this commitment by proposing and promoting educational initiatives and programs that provide support to our diverse student population, faculty, and staff.

For more information on our student leadership programs, contact Sarah Jung or Jessica Alvarez.

Current students can learn more, including how to get involved, by clicking here.