Spencer Requa

Dr. Spencer Requa ‘12 graduated from TCU and went on to medical school at University of North Texas Health Science Center. He is currently in his third year as an emergency medicine resident in Corpus Christi, Texas. This is his final year of training, and he will hold his first attending job this summer.

Britni Williams

Dr. Britni Williams ‘12 (biology) is currently working as an emergency medicine resident at University Hospitals St. John Medical Center in Westlake, Ohio. When news of COVID-19 originally broke, Williams recognized the importance of activities that people should do daily, including washing hands, covering sneezes, and getting a flu shot.

Ally Lunich – Sawyer Diaz

Ally Lunich and Sawyer Diaz, two pre-health students, have been working to create volunteer opportunities for their peers during the pandemic. Lunich is a biology major with a cultural awareness in health & healthcare minor, and Diaz is a biology major with chemistry and Spanish for health professions minors.

Lisa Nash

Lisa Nash ’87 graduated from TCU with a degree in biology. Originally from Brock, Texas, a small town just west of Fort Worth, she grew up hearing about TCU. Since she was a small child, Nash always knew she wanted to be a doctor.

Jessica Boyce

Jessica Boyce ’20 graduated from TCU with a biology major and minors in Spanish and anthropology. Boyce is from Charlotte, North Carolina, and came to TCU on the pre-health track. In high school, she enjoyed science classes and always knew that she wanted to go into the medical field.


Joyce Akinnibosun

Joyce Akinnibosun is a senior nutrition major with a biology minor, on the pre-dental track. Despite the challenges of the pandemic and shifts to virtual learning, she has been accepted to every dental school in Texas.